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Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize winning economist

Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize winning economist

Since Northwood University’s founding in 1959 by Arthur E. Turner and R. Gary Stauffer, Northwood University has prepared students to be business leaders and entrepreneurs. Northwood has emphasized what its founders and intellectual mentors called the “Northwood Idea.” The “Northwood Idea” teaches students the importance of individual moral responsibility, private property, free markets and self governance.

“We must make people understand that the basic idea of a free society is fundamentally a humane idea. It is fundamentally the idea that people as individuals have responsibilities to themselves and to one another that cannot be met by turning them over to somebody else, by electing government officials who will take money out of your pocket in order to spend it on supposedly good objectives. The responsibilities can only be met by us as individuals.”

Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize winning economist, helped shape our philosophy and wrote the foreword to Northwood University’s “When We Are Free.”

Friedman’s words, and the work of Arthur E. Turner and R. Gary Stauffer, animate and inspire those who work and learn at Northwood University. Our mission is to develop free-enterprise leaders who drive global economic and social progress.

As part of our code of ethics, we believe:

  • Equality of opportunity is fundamental, but reward is based on effort and contribution.

  • Failures and the opportunity to bear the consequences of our actions are as much rights as the freedom to receive the rewards of our actions.

  • Society is best when it is based on the unchanging values of individual choice, individual effort and individual responsibility, and that the free enterprise system with its competitive market is the best way to ensure such a society.

Freedom can thrive at Northwood University. You can help young men and women who attend Northwood University develop into executives and entrepreneurs and acclaimed leaders in free-market thought. Your gift is a commitment to restoring the American Dream and an investment in the growth of free-enterprise.

Please partner with Northwood University students today for a better tomorrow.

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